Everyone got a cucumber treat tonight. Slash, Dash, Ashe, Zach, Wayne, Mice, Ghost, Winter, Erik, Spot, Sansa and Arya.


Fireworks tonight

Went to see fireworks tonight at the Columbia Station Homecoming Festival. Steak 🥩 sandwich 🥪 and apple 🍎 pie 🥧. Cute photo of Ashe me


Knitted Gerbil Orange

Any Young Orange Colored Pup, Nutmeg Before Molt, Red Fox/Saffron, Argente Golden, Argente Cream, Argente

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted, Orange and Black

Knitted Gerbils Black/Red

Black with red ears and red into the tail. It doesn't represent any real gerbil color. I think it just looks cool.

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted Black. Red Worsted Yarn.

I like to call it a "devil gerbil".

Knitted Gerbils Holiday Green

 Green Holiday Gerbils

These poor gerbils ate too many peas and turned green. They also will look cute in an Easter Basket

Knitted Gerbil Color Suggestions

I welcome suggestions on yarn colors for gerbils to make them more color realistic.

Dark Eyed Honey - suggestion? Orange Maybe?

Topaz - suggestion?

Polar Fox - Slightly lighter than a Grey Agouti

Spotted Lilac - A suggestion was made to use "Linen Marl" (Red Heart/Eco-Cotton).

DEH or Dark Eyed Honey - A suggestion was made to use "Yam" (Red Heart/Eco-Ways).


Knitted Gerbil Silver Nutmeg

Silver Nutmeg or Polar Fox

Yarn Used: Vanna's Choice 401 Grey Marble

Grey with white and black flecks

Knitted Gerbil Dove

Color: Dove (A very light grey)

Yarn Used: Red Heart 0341 Lt. Grey

Knitted Gerbil Halloween

 11 March 2011
  28 Color: Halloween Gerbil

Just for fun.

Knitted Gerbil Silver Point

 Silver Point (This is a real gerbil color)

  Body: Loops & threads soft worsted weight yarn. Impeccable. Color 01008 Aran 108919
  Ears and Tail: Light Grey Yarn

Knitted Gerbil Pied or Mottled Siamese

Pied or Mottled Siamese

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted Weight, Sandy Print Color #0792, (light brown/white variegated)

Knitted Gerbil Black

Black - Completely Black

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted, Black

This completely black gerbil is rare in the real gerbil world. I have only seen a couple of gerbils that were completely black. Usually they have some white on them.

Knitted Gerbil CP Nutmeg

Gerbil Color: Colorpoint nutmeg

Yarn Used: Vanna's Choice soft worsted. Color 302 Taupe Mist

Color was suggested by one of my gerbil friends.

Knitted Gerbil Lt. CP Nutmeg

Lt. CP Nutmeg or maybe a Light Spotted Nutmeg or Agouti

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted Weight, Sandy Print Color #0792, (light brown/white variegated)

Knitted Gerbil Mottled or Pied Argente

Mottled or Pied Argente

Yarn Used: Vanna's Choice Color Tang Mist

Added 19 June 2015. Not sure if this is a real color or not but it is cute.

Knitted Gerbil Argente


Yarn Used: Plymouth Yarn, Encore, Knitting Worsted, 95% Acrylic, 25% wool
Color 175 or Vanna's Choice Color 135 Rust

Knitted Gerbil Grey Agouti

Grey Agouti

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted Weight Heather Grey. This yarn has tiny strands of white in the yarn simulating the Grey Agouti coat.

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted, 0400 Grey Heather

I love how this yarn knits up.

Knitted Gerbil Beige with black flecks

Beige with black specks (not sure what gerbil color) but they are cute.

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted, 4334 Buff Fleck

Knitted Gerbil yellow fox

Yellow Fox

Yarn Used: Caron Perfect Match Worsted, Sunflower 7723

Knitted Gerbil White

White or PEW or REW or Ivory

Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted White or any soft worsted weight yarn.

Knitted Gerbil Siamese


Yarn Used: Red Heart Worsted, Black & 0334 Buff

Knitted Gerbil Burmese


Yarn Used: Red Heart Worst for both colors

Knitted Gerbil Blue


Yarn Used: Dark Blue is Reynolds Utopia Blue Jean Colored. The Light Blue is Red Heart Worsted. Various blue yarns are used.

Updated to a better picture. 19 June 2015