Knitted Gerbil Stuffies Finally

I finally found a pattern on crafster.org for knitted gerbil toy stuffies. It is a variation on a bunny pattern. The orange/rust colored one is the first with worsted weight yarn and the second one is made from white cotton yarn. Still works in progress. Still need to work in it. What do you think of them?


Year of the Rat (2008)

Happy Chinese New Year. It is the year of the rat. Yippee! I love all rodents. Mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats. I have a hamster and seven gerbils. I used to have a mouse.

I also knit. I have been into making knitted toys lately. Especially mice and rats. Check out my 2007 projects link to see some pictures of my work. I found this picture while surfing. A hamster knitting! Too cute. Fits right into my blog.
Rat Knitting Pattern I have changed the ear pattern a little bit. I like it better. I use fishing line for the whiskers. They look so cool now.


Henry won 3rd Place

I am so proud of my hamster Henry. On Sunday January 27, 2008, he won third place in our local APL's 2nd annual pet photo contest fundraiser. He has such the cutest face. This is photo that he won with. His prize is a pet photo shoot with a professional photographer.