No Way! Knitting Injuries

I just can't believe this. I have knitted so much lately that I have a knitting injury.

Have you ever gotten a knitting injury? My left thumb hurts. I must have poked it one to many times. I use wooden knitting needles. The skin is peeling off on the cushy part and there is a sore at the joint. I have neosporin on it now with a band-aid on it. I still want to knit so I either would have to take a break or I wrap up my thumb so I can knit. Any suggestions/opinions?


Come To The 2008 New England Gerbil Show!

The American Gerbil Society's 2008 New England Gerbil Show is rapidly approaching! This year's show will be in Nashua, New Hampshire and takes place on May 17th.

Gerbil breeders and owners from around the country will be at the show to show off their gerbils, sell gerbil merchandise, and even adopt out gerbil pups! It's a great opportunity to learn more about gerbils.

AGS members can also enter their gerbils in a gerbil show (just like a dog show, except with gerbils). Although judging occurs behind closed doors, at the end of the show, winners are announced.
There is a wonderful pet class where kids can bring their pete gerbils and compete for fun. Prizes awarded for best chewer, shoulder sitter and lots more.
Click the banner below to learn more about the New England Gerbil Show. Hope to see you there!

I will be there showing off my two little girls Simone and Mona. I will also be selling my knitted rodent merchandise (rats, gerbils, mice) in honor of the Chinese Year of the Rat.

Mona and Simone