Another very sad month

We lost two wonderful little gerbils this month. They were my senior gerbils Toby and Dexter. They would have been 4 years old this May. Toby and Dexter have been for quite some time. Toby had some kind of respiratory problem that he could not shake.  Dexter had a tumor. One was removed and another grew in its place.

Toby was a show gerbil. Just one ribbon away from being a champion. Toby was my ambassador gerbil. He was the one I pick when I want to show a friend a friendly gerbil.

Toby passed first on March 16th at the vet's office. Dexter got really depressed after Toby's passing. They have been together since they were pups. They were very close. They were always happy to see each other. Dexter passed on at the vet's on the 21st. He was very anemic and dehydrated plus I think he missed Toby terribly also. Dexter was on pain meds for awhile. It worked for awhile while Toby was alive. I think Dexter gave up.

Goodbye little ones. You will be missed.