Gerbil and Hamster Updates

Just an update on my pets. I know I have not posted lately. The hamster Pip that I adopted passed last Saturday on January 25th. He suffered from a stroke and/or a tumor. Poor guy! The tumor was in his mouth. So there was no way he was able to take his meds.

Over Thanksgiving break, I lost my Silver Nutmeg Dusty. It must have been a tumor also. Mom and Dad were caring for the gerbil while we were on vacation. He was fine one day and the next he was gone. that was the last entry on this blog before this one.

Our newest two gerbils is Angel and Nicholas (girl). I got Angel from the last gerbil show. She is over 2 1/2 years old. A mottled blue. Very pretty and so friendly. Bobby loves her.

The next newest I adopted over Christmas break is Nicholas. Chip needs a buddy. We thought Nicholas at first was a boy but he is a girl. So maybe around February 20th, we might have a litter is pups. Chip and Nicole love each other. Nicole is a DEH. Dark Eyed Honey. She will be 2 years old at the end of February.

I don't know if you ever met Belle. She is a spotted blue pup that I got from the gerbil show. She is paired up with my senior girl Aster.