Dream Hamster

This cute little robot hamster is the newest release in Sega's "Dream Pet" series. It is made in Hong Kong. I bought one off ebay. It takes one AAA battery. I am totally in love with this little guy. It got the one pictured above in that color. There are 3 colors available. The one color a above is the Golden Hamster. Everyone that I showed this too loved it. It does have that Awww factor.
Measuring 55 × 55 × 90mm (width x depth × height), the "Dream Hamster" fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and runs on four alkaline batteries. The rest of the Dream pet series features the "Dream Cat" and "Dream Chick".

Sega Toys have launched the 'Dream hamster' toys that scream cuteness. Named the "Dream Hamster," the product would be released on August 8, 2008 for approximately $12 per robo-pet. Just press the switch on its abdomen and hold the Dream Hamster on your hand for it to start moving. Yeah that's all it does, what were you expecting for $12? It wouldn't help you with your chores. There are three different types available for purchase: the Golden hamster, Roborovski hamster (light grey) and the Jangarian hamster (brown) which is especially famous in Japan." Website

If you know anyone that loves little critters. These are the perfect holiday gifts.