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I have added a feature to my knitting page and yahoo group. I have finally made a knitting group on facebook.

Dianes Knitted World

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Knit Gerbil Baskets

It has been awhile since I posted anything knitting or gerbil related so here is both. I have been making these cute gerbil knitted baskets as play carriers. They help you pick up a gerbil when you can't yet. They really love them as you can see from my models Mike and Ike. They make perfect play baskets when they are playing on your lap. They love to jump in and out of them. Sometime they chew it but not for long. They look so cute in them. I am planning on having them for sale at my Etsy Store Squeaky Knitting Designs. They will also be at the next AGS New England Show in May 2015.


Update on Becca

Becca was at the vet today for a checkup and teeth trim. The old man is still with us. The tumor is still taking its toll on him. His teeth really needed a trimming. He is still on Tramadol. He sleeps much more. He is on my herbal treatments also. Rose Hip Tea water in the water bottle and tonic. I let him eat whatever he wants. He gets more bread. He likes his booster meds on the bread. He gets two .1ml of meds a day with a drop or two of "Becca Boosts" in between. This really helps him. Lilly is being real good in grooming him and keep him warm. He is losing weight. He still goes about normal gerbil stuff when he is up and about.

After his meds, I let him run around on my desk. I have a towel on the mesh topper and put that on the desk like a ramp. He loves it. I put him down and tell him to "go pee". He runs down the towel. Does a small slide on the desk and then goes pee! He does it everytime. I give him a walnut or a piece of bread for being a good boy. He really loves it. As long as he can take pleasure in doing normal gerbil stuff, I will let him. I will be happy if he makes it to my birthday May 2nd.

The picture was taken in February on my desk.


Gerbil and Hamster Updates

Just an update on my pets. I know I have not posted lately. The hamster Pip that I adopted passed last Saturday on January 25th. He suffered from a stroke and/or a tumor. Poor guy! The tumor was in his mouth. So there was no way he was able to take his meds.

Over Thanksgiving break, I lost my Silver Nutmeg Dusty. It must have been a tumor also. Mom and Dad were caring for the gerbil while we were on vacation. He was fine one day and the next he was gone. that was the last entry on this blog before this one.

Our newest two gerbils is Angel and Nicholas (girl). I got Angel from the last gerbil show. She is over 2 1/2 years old. A mottled blue. Very pretty and so friendly. Bobby loves her.

The next newest I adopted over Christmas break is Nicholas. Chip needs a buddy. We thought Nicholas at first was a boy but he is a girl. So maybe around February 20th, we might have a litter is pups. Chip and Nicole love each other. Nicole is a DEH. Dark Eyed Honey. She will be 2 years old at the end of February.

I don't know if you ever met Belle. She is a spotted blue pup that I got from the gerbil show. She is paired up with my senior girl Aster.