Fall Planting

Planted three bulbs of Purple Prince Lily Tree. 20 bulbs of Grecian Windflowers in the big flower bed. Dug out most of the horseradish. Hopefully they will bloom in the spring. Bought a mum recently too.


Vegetable Garden

Squirrel planted corn and my first pepper ever from the garden. Picked six more tomatoes.


Flu Shot and garden update

I did my part during this pandemic. Got my flu shot today at Walgreens.  Made rice krispie treats today too. Made this for the rock garden. It's all my gerbils past and present. Planning on making another one for the others.



Pet Memorial Rock Garden Update

Update on the Rock Garden. Got my Pet Memorial up. I got my little cement statues and I got some nice succulents to go with it. I got some nice shiny Stones from the Dollar tree and put them in. Shiny stones were left over I put them in with my white rocks. 


Friendship APL Wags to Riches Raffle

They had an online raffle going for the shelter since they couldn't have a car show this year. I won a basket! 4th of July basket. So cool!

This is just round one. They have many baskets up for raffle. 


Pet Memorial Rock Garden

Just a quick update on the rock garden. Got the last load of FREE river rock in the garden. I just need a little bit more. once done then I can have the fun part of actually decorating it. I already got my gerbil stone statues. I'm going to try to use the bricks to build a little shrine for the gerbils. 


Garden Update

2020 Covid pandemic hit. I was laid off from work. Ohio was In lockdown. So what did I do? I made masks and work on my garden. Planted many perennials like coneflowers, Black eyed Susan, yarrow, butterfly weed, bee balm, Shasta daisies, Lilies and a hosta. Today I planted a blue cardinal flower. Right next to my Asian lilies, daisies and black eyed susans. I am also working on a rock garden. It will be a pet Memorial Rock garden. I really hope my butterfly garden takes off. I have bird feeders and a small birdbath too. 

Lost Shenanigans and Diana this year. Eris is 100% recovered from her UTI.   

Been learning to cook better too.  


Pet Update

It's been awhile. I currently have a 5 gerbils, a mouse and two duprasi girls. This year has been rough with the Covid pandemic. I have been out of work since March. Just trying to stay safe. I pretty much stayed home. I've learned to cook better. Sewn a lot of masks. And take care of my gerbils. I still craft my knitted gerbils. My current project is working in the garden.