RIP Dusty

We lost our little Dusty today. Parents found him this mornng. They are caring for the gerbils while on vacation. There was red discharge coming from his anal area. I got him a little over a year ago from Donna at the New England gerbil show.  He was not a show gerbil but he made up for that in personality.  I will miss him so much! He was a silver nutmeg. He was1 yr 8 months old. He was a tiny pup. Took him and Chip awhile to get together. Dusty as a pup decided when he wanted to meet Chip. Dusty open the small cage door to let himself out. They have been best buds ever since.


Adopted Pip Today

I have been fostering the little guy for the local APL for two weeks now. He was surrendered to the APL because of too many animals in the home plus he had a bad sore on his behind. It is slowly healing. So after a couple of weeks, we deicided jsut to adopt Pip officially.

He is a wonderful friendly little hamster. He is abut 1 1/2 years old according to the paperwork. he loves to come out and run around in the ball. This picture (above) was taken the day we brought him home November 1st.

This is what he looks like today. Taken 11/16/2013. You can tell by his grooming that he feels much better. Pip is my first foster.


Clarice's Gerbil Cookies/Treats

Clarice's Gerbil Cookies/Treats

Handmade cookies/treats for hamsters or gerbils. Cookies are named for my senior mommy gerbil Clarice. Cookies are gerbil approved. These cookies are made from a large batch to order.  They freeze or refrigerate very well.  Made from white unbleached Flour, water, gerbil food, vegetable oil (very tiny amount) and a small amount of honey.

I sent these to many of my gerbil friends and their gerbils love them. I now have them for sale at my Etsy store in 6 and 12 amounts.

These are good for hamsters too. My hamster loves them also.



AGS New England Gerbil Show May 4 2013

Love gerbils? Come to the American Gerbil Society Gerbil Show! Saturday, May 4th, 11am-5pm, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA. Gerbil owners and fans are invited to this family-friendly event. Serious gerbil owners and breeders may compete in official judging for the Best-in-Show honors. A fun Pet Class competition for kids gives awards for pets' endearing characteristics. There will be Gerbil Olympics events, exhibits on gerbil colors, gerbil art, other pets, specialty merchandise and a Parade of Gerbils. Admission is just $2.00 (maximum $10.00 per family).



Another very sad month

We lost two wonderful little gerbils this month. They were my senior gerbils Toby and Dexter. They would have been 4 years old this May. Toby and Dexter have been for quite some time. Toby had some kind of respiratory problem that he could not shake.  Dexter had a tumor. One was removed and another grew in its place.

Toby was a show gerbil. Just one ribbon away from being a champion. Toby was my ambassador gerbil. He was the one I pick when I want to show a friend a friendly gerbil.

Toby passed first on March 16th at the vet's office. Dexter got really depressed after Toby's passing. They have been together since they were pups. They were very close. They were always happy to see each other. Dexter passed on at the vet's on the 21st. He was very anemic and dehydrated plus I think he missed Toby terribly also. Dexter was on pain meds for awhile. It worked for awhile while Toby was alive. I think Dexter gave up.

Goodbye little ones. You will be missed.