Gerbil Passing

I lost my little gerbil Cloak yesterday morning. I think it was some kind of infection. I didn't catch it quick enough to take her to the vet. I had a vet appointment sheculed for Tuesday morning so I took in her buddy Dagger to be sure everything was ok. The vet did find a slight wheezing and we got her on meds right away. Poor Dagger was upset all day looking for her friend. I was so upset that I took the entire day off for work.

I wasn't as bad as when I lost my little Gimpy back on February 14th. Yep. Valentine's Day. She was my first gerbil. But I still cried.


Update on Family

Cloak got off the Baytril last week. It seemed to make her feel better for the short term. I let Cloak and Dagger out to play this evening. It perked them up. They are now about 3 years, 8 months old. That is old for a gerbil. Cloak is breathing hard but doing all her normal gerbilry stuff. Chewing, eating, grooming, drinking, chewing on cage bars. Dagger is just fine.

Frankie is a little better. Less itching. Frankie is getting to be an old mouse also. Likes to spend much of his time sleeping in his TP in his loft of his home but he eating and drinking just fine.

Speedy and Digger are doing just fine.


Sickness in the family

I have 2 pets that are on medication. My pets are me babies.

My little Mouse Frankie that has chronic itching is now on antibotics. He is healing and is itching less. I think it was an allergic reaction to the aspen that he used to be on. He is now on Carefresh and loving it.

My little 3 1/2 gerbil Cloak was breathing hard a couple of days ago. I started her on Baytril. She seems to better now but will continue treatment for at least a week to 10 days.