The Christmas Wish

Simone is a spotted Siamese. 3 years old.  Sam is a yellow Fox one year old.  Simone has been ill since early December. She has an abdominal tumor. She is currently on Metacam. She is back to her fiesty self. Doing all the normal gerbil stuff. Not 100% but she is happy. My first miracle this Christmas.
Sam got sick Friday morning on the 24th. We started him on antibiotics.  He did drink and ate very little all day Friday. He did take one or two long drinks Friday if I held the water bottle. This morning he was not looking good at all. Sam would not eat or drink. I did give him his medicine. The vet told me yesterday that I doing all I can for him. I even have a small reptile heater to help keep him warm. I was very hesitant to leave this morning to go spend Christmas with Steve's family 2 hours away. There was nothing else we could do for Sam so we left.  I did make a wish for Sam before leaving that he will be ok. We got back home about 5:30pm expecting the worst.  When there in the tank we saw Sam running about being a perfectly normal gerbil. The medicine worked! I have my Sam back. My wish came true. My second miracle.  

Sam is so happly that I have seen him sitting in the wheel twirling and swishing his tail. I have only seen this behavior done only once or twice before. I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas but my best gift was my little babies.

Merry Christmas One and All!


Happy 3rd Brithday to Spot and Simone


Halloween Gerbils!

This is Spot and Simone. They were born on Halloween 3 years ago today.  I got them when they were just 3 weeks old. Tiny little pups. Spot is a 2 time blue ribbon AGS winner. Simone is just a sweet little girl that loves to be picked up. She is my last little girl out of 7 gerbils. I know have 4 gerbils that are seniors.

Wish my little ones a Happy Birthday!

Happy Halloween!


Happy Birthday Little Bear! 3 years old today

My Little Bear turned 3 years old today. I had him since he was a young pup at 7 weeks old. A big boy at 120 grams.


Sad, Sad, SAd Day

At about 4:50am this morning, Spot and Little Bear Declanned.

Steve was sleeping on the sofa chair last night because I am still getting over a cold. Steve heard a commotion. They were banging the plastic house around. It didn't stop. Steve got up and found them in a ball. Steve had a hardtime separating them. He got bit hard. He called for me. There was blood on LB and Spot. Spot immediately went into the 5 gallon. Started looking them over. Spot got the worst of it. His paw got bit hard. I cleaned them up the best I could. This happened about 4:50 in the morning. Thank god Steve was sleeping next to them or I might have had a dead gerbil in the morning. I think LB was the aggressor.

This morning. Not a scratch on LB. Spot on the other hand. His paw has swelled up a little. I put some Neosporin on it. He is not a happy gerbil right now. Little Bear is fine.

 Steve thought it was his blood on the gerbil but the proof was this morning. It was theirs. That means they cannot be together anymore.

If I wasn't sick and  if I didn't put that noisy plastic house in the tank, I hate to think of what I would have found in tne morning. Spot is now in a 10 gallon and recovering well.


Guinea Pigs Up for Adoption at the Friendship APL in Elyria Ohio

The shelter recently had a hording case and rescued 60 guinea pigs from a Lorain County resident. The pigs are all in good shape and ready for adoption. There are males & females and colors galore. Adoption fees for the guineas will be only $10.00. If you think a dog or cat is too much trouble and your child wants a pet, try a guinea pig!

Currently there are about 25 piggies that still need adopted. Go to the Friendship APL web site for more information, They are also on Facebook.

Friendship APL

Friendship APL Facebook


Toby and Dexter went missing

Dexter and Toby
I had a major scare when I got home today. Dexter and Toby were missing!  One of the tubes came off. Dexter somehow got into one of small trash cans that was next to one of the sofa chairs.  Toby was more difficult. We spread food everywhere and looked everywhere.  He was in the kitchen all this time under the cabinets. There are openings under the panels. Luckily I was able to scoop him up. Dexter was so happy to see his buddy again. I thought Toby was gone. Toby is so tired. He is sleeping. It was almost an hour before he ventured out. Toby must have smelled the sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

The loose tube is now taped up real good. It will not come off again. They were probably out all afternoon. We found signs of Toby in Steve's computer room. Poopies everywhere and found gerbil track on some of the dusty stuff. He was everywhere in that room. I am just happy that he is safe and sound and pray that he did not eat anything bad for him. We look around. I think he was safe but who know what is behind the panels. We are going to get those taped up tonight so it will not happen again.


Bud had a Fall

Bud was having some out of cage time with us last night. He was having a blast running all over our laps and on the sofa chair. He got to the top of the chair. Either I slightly moved the chair or something on TV startled him. He took a flying leap off the chair and landed right into the wooden magazine rack that is next to the chair. I am not sure if he hit the magazines or the wood part. He was pretty dazed.  Mostly likely in shock of what happened. We put him back into his cage ever so gently and let him recover. Steve stayed up with him for an extra hour. He did eat and drink but he definitely was not his normal self. This morning he looked better. We had his food and water bottled brought down to the first level. He ate his food and his morning cheerio. He was chewing some and even jogged in his wheel for a few seconds. We drove home for lunch to check on him. He is doing better. His side is a little sore. I had some leftover Metacam which I gave him. It is just going to be day by day. I read online that something like this takes 2-3 days before he is back to his normal self.


One Week Until I Leave for the Gerbil Show!

One week until I leave for the gerbil in Nashua NH. My gerbils are all ready and cute to win ribbons. It  is such a fun event. Meeting gerbil people from all over.  The show is on May 1st at the Holiday Inn in Nashua NH. Click on the link in the title for details.  Who is coming? Look for me. I am the one that will be selling the knitted gerbils.


Woolly Knitted Gerbil

I think it is time for a blog update. I recently was in a Craftser swap and got some beautiful homespun yarn. Wool/Angora Blend 3 ply. I asked for gerbil colors. I knitted up some knitted gerbils from my pattern. I went down a needle size since the yarn was a little thinner. They turned up great. The angora really brings out the gerbil. I might enter this little guy in the local fair in the fall. They look so real. What do you think? I am slowly trying to wean myself off all acrylic and go for more wool or wool blend yarns. I am planning on taking these guys to the gerbil show in May.


I am On a Knitting Podcast!

I was interviewed via phone a couple of weeks ago about my knitted gerbils for a knitting podcast. Since they do have gerbils on the show occasionally. It was perfect. She found me through my Etsy store. The podcast is called The Savvy Girls Podcast. This was first interview ever!

My interview is about 10 minutes into the podcast. Her gerbils do a a little bit close to end of the podcast. It was Melanie's Birthday so she could do critters to her hearts content.

Listen to Episode 15 also. There some very cute gerbil bits.

Check it out and let me know what you think.