Meet Buddy 2 "Bud"

This is Buddy 2 "Bud". We got him from Pet Supplies Plus on December 16, 2008 at night. I was cleaning another gerbils tank when I realized I was out of corncob bedding. We were planning on getting Bud on the 17th but I was in the store Tuesday night and decided to get him. According to the store clerk. He is about a year old. I have been watching him for months since our Buddy died. He will be the perfect companion for Trixie. We lost Zoey recently and quite suddenly. I might give him his birthday to be the 16th. He is a sweet little boy. The clerk let me pick him up out of the tank. Bud didn't nip once. He is calming in quite nicely. We setup his temporary tank home right next to Trixie so they will be able to see and smell each other. We will do the normal introductions when we get back from vacation. I was afraidthat he might get scooped up for the holidays.

He loves his wodent wheel. He can't get enough of it. I also noticed that he likes to hold his tail up.

Since Bud is about a year old, my gerbil friend said that this gerbil might be from her line before she sold her gerbil kennel about a year ago. The AGS mentioned that he looks good enough to be in a gerbil show. I hope so but most importantly....a grooming Buddy for my 3 year old Trixie.

Click on he header link to see his photo album so far.


Merry Christmas! Gerbil Snowflakes

Merry Gerbil Christmas and a Furry New Year! My wonderful little gerbil boys made me this wonderful gerbil snowflake. It is so cute! Spot is my maniac gerbil chewer. He did most of the work. Little Bear helped. This is wonderful way to have your gerbils interact with the kids. Fold up a piece of whit computer papers. Have the gerbils chew for a couple of minutes and VIOLA! A Gerbil Snowflake. Watch this cute gerbil christmas video.