Pet Memorial Rock Garden Update

Update on the Rock Garden. Got my Pet Memorial up. I got my little cement statues and I got some nice succulents to go with it. I got some nice shiny Stones from the Dollar tree and put them in. Shiny stones were left over I put them in with my white rocks. 


Friendship APL Wags to Riches Raffle

They had an online raffle going for the shelter since they couldn't have a car show this year. I won a basket! 4th of July basket. So cool!

This is just round one. They have many baskets up for raffle. 


Pet Memorial Rock Garden

Just a quick update on the rock garden. Got the last load of FREE river rock in the garden. I just need a little bit more. once done then I can have the fun part of actually decorating it. I already got my gerbil stone statues. I'm going to try to use the bricks to build a little shrine for the gerbils. 


Garden Update

2020 Covid pandemic hit. I was laid off from work. Ohio was In lockdown. So what did I do? I made masks and work on my garden. Planted many perennials like coneflowers, Black eyed Susan, yarrow, butterfly weed, bee balm, Shasta daisies, Lilies and a hosta. Today I planted a blue cardinal flower. Right next to my Asian lilies, daisies and black eyed susans. I am also working on a rock garden. It will be a pet Memorial Rock garden. I really hope my butterfly garden takes off. I have bird feeders and a small birdbath too. 

Lost Shenanigans and Diana this year. Eris is 100% recovered from her UTI.   

Been learning to cook better too.