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Meet Charlie the Hamster

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie and Pip.  They are known as Teddy Bear Hamsters.  They are both available for adoption.  C and P are less than a year old.  Cages are included.  They make great quiet furry friends. Frienship APL in Elyria Ohio. Both these hamsters are very gentle. Love to be held and petted.


Looking for Vintage Gerbil Photos 1950s-1970s

My new project for the 2013 New England Gerbil Show is a collection of vintage gerbil photos dating from the 1970's and back. I found a good collection on Ebay and now I want to expand it.

Did you have gerbils growing up in the 1960's and 1970's? I would love a copy of a photo of your gerbils with a story about them.

I am even looking for old newspaper, magazine, catalogs articles about the "new" pet. Gerbils came tothe US in the 1950's as laboratory animals but people soon discovered how they make wonderful pets in the home and classroom. Many people had "gerbil farms".  One such book is called "The Gerbil Farmer's Daughter". I highly recommend reading this book.

Emal me or comment here if you can help.


New England Gerbil Show 2012 - Winners!

I attended the new England Gerbil Show in Nashua NH May 19, 2012. I entered 5 gerbils in the main competition. All 5 got ribbons!!

First off. The Senior class. This is where gerbils that are 2 1/2 years old and older compete. My wonderful 3 year old Agouti Toby won his second Blue Ribbon.

Next is my 1 year old Lilac Male Bobby that I bred myself. Bobby won his second 2nd Place Red ribbon in the Self Class. It was broken into categories. Bobby was in the Self/Red Eyes.

In the same class, Bobby's brother Rocket took third also. This is his first ribbon.

Last are my two girls Chole and Aster. They are Argente in the White Belly Class. This is a very competitive class. Aster got third and Chloe got an Honorable Mention. This is their first ribbons also. Chole and Aster are from the same litter as Bobby and Rocket.  Maybe I have something here?

I am so proud of my kids. Lastly I brought home a new baby boy to be paired up with Chip. He is a 7 week old Silver Nutmeg. Isn't he the cutest? We named him Dusty.


Sam is a Winner!

On April 1, 2012, Petco was have a Small Animal Picture Day that weekend for two days. They had various backgrounds. All you needed to do was bring your little pet, camera and some props to have fun taking pictures. I brought my gerbil Sam to the local Petco and had some fun. Later, you uploaded one of the pictures to the Petco site to vote. Most votes overall was a $500 Petco Giftcard and the runner up was $250 in each category. Guess what....My little Sam won for having the most votes in the gerbil category! He won me a $250 Petco giftcard to spoil him rotten.  He was a real good gerbil at the store. Kids came up asking to pet him. He  was so sweet. He will be 3 years old May 18th.


Gerbil Fighting and Loss

This has been a week of bad. Sam and his son decided to fight. Result...Sam the dad lost and is now separated from Bobby and Gin. This happened last week.

I lost one of my girls Milly this morning. She had a very bad stroke overnight and could not recover.

Now.....my two young boys. Brothers from birth decided to have a ball fight. I have the bloody fingers to prove it. They are now separated. This happened a little after 10pm tonight. 

I am tired, sad, and frustrated. The only thing good this week is that I am going to the Cleveland Auto show Thursday.



Knitted Hamsters

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3

This is my latest knitting projects. I made some knitted hamsters. Not as good as my knitted gerbils but close.  What do you think of them?


Frodo to the Vet

This past Monday I had to take my little hamster Frodo to the vet. He developed a cyst on his neck. The vet prescribed some medicine for him. He is doing just fine. He loves his medicine. Tastes good to him.