Loss of a pet - Mike

We lost a loved one recently. It was Mike. He was a little over three years old. He was a wonderful little black gerbil. He started developing teeth problems so he had monthly visits with the vet. Then he started to develop a tumor on his belly. We was on meds and goop on his belly for awhile. It helped for awhile but something else must have been going on inside. He suddenly wasn't feeling like himself. Got into the vet the same day. He already started to feel cold in my hands. So we said goodbye. His brother Ike will miss him. They were separated a few months ago. Ike attacked Mike. Now we know why. Ike was always near. Ike hasn't been himself since Mike passed. That day all the gerbils were strangely quiet as if they knew. This is how I want to remember Mike. He loved playing with his wicker ball toys. He couldn't chew but he did try. Bless his heart. he enjoyed the gerbil life the best he could.