AGS Virtual Show 2021open

The American Gerbil Society is hosting a virtual show. Below is link to more info which include how to submit photos. The form on the site is for reference only. Submissions are via email. This is for members and non-members.



Biscuit the mouse

She finally got a whole tank cleaning. I was able to catch her with a humane mouse trap. I was only able to do half cleaning. Now she can get on a regular cleaning schedule.


Juno Update

Juno got through surgery just fine. Juno has been through three surgeries so far. Scent gland removal, cyst drained, lump removed. New lump now at incision site and now another lump on other side. I know this must be cancer. I know they have to be removed. The medicine doesn't seem to be working. He is still a very active gerbil.


Juno Surgery

Juno went to the vet's for surgery on his growth today. Of course I am worried about the old man. He's a strong feisty gerbil. I hope he comes through okay. This will be the third time that he's gone under anesthesia. His boys ghost and winter are worried about him. They destroyed the tank trying to find him. 


Fall Planting

Planted three bulbs of Purple Prince Lily Tree. 20 bulbs of Grecian Windflowers in the big flower bed. Dug out most of the horseradish. Hopefully they will bloom in the spring. Bought a mum recently too.


Vegetable Garden

Squirrel planted corn and my first pepper ever from the garden. Picked six more tomatoes.