Senior Gerbil Trixie

This is my little grey agouti Trixie. She is 3 1/2 years old. About the beginning of May there was a small lump on her belly. Vet said to watch it. While I was away at the gerbil show. The sore opened. Took her to the vet the day after I got back. Vet gave me medicine and brown liquid stuff to keep it clean twice a day. Trixie seemed to respond well to the treatment.

After two weeks, I took her back in for a checkup. Vet was concerned that the sore wasn't healing properly. He took a small sample to send it to the lab for analysis. Trixie did lose some weight. Vet suggested supplement her diet with baby food. That was a week ago.

Vet called yesterday evening. It is not good. Trixie has cancer. Surgery is too risky. Vet and I agreed to continue the same treatment. Supplement her diet with veggie baby food and cooked noodles and any extra sunflower and pumpin seeds she want.

Trixie is still a very active little girl. Doing all the normal gerbil stuff. Trixie also purrs when I hold her. She only does it for me. I will treasure everyday that she has left.


Spot Won at the Gerbil Show!!

My Mottled Black boy Spot won a Blue Ribbon at the 2009 New England Gerbil Show in Bedford, MA on May 30, 2009.

Spot is a beautiful Mottled Black Gerbil about 1.5 years old. There were two groups in the Mottled class. Black and Other. Spot won the black mottled. This is my first gerbil that has ever won a ribbon let alone a blue one. I am so proud of my little boy. He did so well. He now has 3 points toward a championship. He needs 8 to get one.

The person that judged Spot said he was a beautiful gerbil the moment she saw him. The new Blue Gerbils were featured in the show also. The first ones in the US I believe. The gerbils came from a breeder in Finland.

I also entered my Nutmeg Male Little bear in the show also. He was a very good boy at the show. His coloring was just not right. He lacked the black ticking in his fur but otherwise he was a very good boy to the judges.