Update on Becca

Becca was at the vet today for a checkup and teeth trim. The old man is still with us. The tumor is still taking its toll on him. His teeth really needed a trimming. He is still on Tramadol. He sleeps much more. He is on my herbal treatments also. Rose Hip Tea water in the water bottle and tonic. I let him eat whatever he wants. He gets more bread. He likes his booster meds on the bread. He gets two .1ml of meds a day with a drop or two of "Becca Boosts" in between. This really helps him. Lilly is being real good in grooming him and keep him warm. He is losing weight. He still goes about normal gerbil stuff when he is up and about.

After his meds, I let him run around on my desk. I have a towel on the mesh topper and put that on the desk like a ramp. He loves it. I put him down and tell him to "go pee". He runs down the towel. Does a small slide on the desk and then goes pee! He does it everytime. I give him a walnut or a piece of bread for being a good boy. He really loves it. As long as he can take pleasure in doing normal gerbil stuff, I will let him. I will be happy if he makes it to my birthday May 2nd.

The picture was taken in February on my desk.