New England Gerbil Show 2012 - Winners!

I attended the new England Gerbil Show in Nashua NH May 19, 2012. I entered 5 gerbils in the main competition. All 5 got ribbons!!

First off. The Senior class. This is where gerbils that are 2 1/2 years old and older compete. My wonderful 3 year old Agouti Toby won his second Blue Ribbon.

Next is my 1 year old Lilac Male Bobby that I bred myself. Bobby won his second 2nd Place Red ribbon in the Self Class. It was broken into categories. Bobby was in the Self/Red Eyes.

In the same class, Bobby's brother Rocket took third also. This is his first ribbon.

Last are my two girls Chole and Aster. They are Argente in the White Belly Class. This is a very competitive class. Aster got third and Chloe got an Honorable Mention. This is their first ribbons also. Chole and Aster are from the same litter as Bobby and Rocket.  Maybe I have something here?

I am so proud of my kids. Lastly I brought home a new baby boy to be paired up with Chip. He is a 7 week old Silver Nutmeg. Isn't he the cutest? We named him Dusty.