Bud had a Fall

Bud was having some out of cage time with us last night. He was having a blast running all over our laps and on the sofa chair. He got to the top of the chair. Either I slightly moved the chair or something on TV startled him. He took a flying leap off the chair and landed right into the wooden magazine rack that is next to the chair. I am not sure if he hit the magazines or the wood part. He was pretty dazed.  Mostly likely in shock of what happened. We put him back into his cage ever so gently and let him recover. Steve stayed up with him for an extra hour. He did eat and drink but he definitely was not his normal self. This morning he looked better. We had his food and water bottled brought down to the first level. He ate his food and his morning cheerio. He was chewing some and even jogged in his wheel for a few seconds. We drove home for lunch to check on him. He is doing better. His side is a little sore. I had some leftover Metacam which I gave him. It is just going to be day by day. I read online that something like this takes 2-3 days before he is back to his normal self.
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