Sad, Sad, SAd Day

At about 4:50am this morning, Spot and Little Bear Declanned.

Steve was sleeping on the sofa chair last night because I am still getting over a cold. Steve heard a commotion. They were banging the plastic house around. It didn't stop. Steve got up and found them in a ball. Steve had a hardtime separating them. He got bit hard. He called for me. There was blood on LB and Spot. Spot immediately went into the 5 gallon. Started looking them over. Spot got the worst of it. His paw got bit hard. I cleaned them up the best I could. This happened about 4:50 in the morning. Thank god Steve was sleeping next to them or I might have had a dead gerbil in the morning. I think LB was the aggressor.

This morning. Not a scratch on LB. Spot on the other hand. His paw has swelled up a little. I put some Neosporin on it. He is not a happy gerbil right now. Little Bear is fine.

 Steve thought it was his blood on the gerbil but the proof was this morning. It was theirs. That means they cannot be together anymore.

If I wasn't sick and  if I didn't put that noisy plastic house in the tank, I hate to think of what I would have found in tne morning. Spot is now in a 10 gallon and recovering well.
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