Sunday's Introduction

The introduction between Digger and Trixie went partly well. We took off the partition Sunday (10/24/2006) morning. They showed the normal stuff. Digger showing that "SHE" was boss. Lots of squeaking and their was some grooming. They even chewed cardboard together. In the afternoon, Digger decided that she was in heat. Trixie couldn't deal with it and Digger was irritable. So the partition came back on about 6:15pm. We will try a 2nd attempt on October 1st.

I think it will go better this time. They are sniffing each other when we hold the gerbils. Absolutely no aggression. Trixie was in her jar when we picked them up to swap sides this morning. Digger suprised us by rushing right in the jar with Trixie. Just sniffing. No aggression. She wanted to be with Trixie. Digger came right back out.
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